Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day out with Thomas

We (me, Kevin and Grandma) went to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Union, IL today. It was a good day in spite of Kevin and I both having a cold and he was not at his best. But I have to say that any child would be hard pressed to behave angelicly in the crowd and the heat and all the stimuli. Given all that, Kevin WAS an angel, since the poor thing had a cough and a stuffy nose. But we had tickets (no refunds) and he didn't seem too bad this morning.

A few pics of the fun day!

A moment of grumpiness (waiting in line for our Thomas ride). This is also Grandma... it was a grandma day as she bought the tickets so she got to be in all the pics. ;)

cooling off out of the hot sun!

It was a good day, but the munchkin is already asleep in bed (by 7:15pm) and his poor little nose is stuffed up even more. :(

Thanks for looking!

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