Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gypsy Spot - Valentine treat bag

I originally made this to sit at my desk and hold valentine candies. :)  But it got sidetracked LOL.

Our challenge at The Gypsy Spot this week was to make something with the new 3M self-adhesive paper that is endorsed by Cricut. Nilda sent me pink, black and green of this paper. I wasn't sure what to think of it, it seemed rather plain. After I made this project it occured to me that the plainness could be offset with stamps, glitters or embossing powders if one wanted to really gussy it up.

I did love how easy it was to work with. The settings that Nilda sent me (depth 4, pressure 3, speed 3) worked very well, though I might be inclined to slow the speed a little if the cuts were more intricate than what I did for the hearts on this project. The blade cut through the paper perfectly but didn't completely cut through the peel-off backing. This made it extremely easy to peel the cuts off, which is why it's perfect for kids. And also why I think it would be perfect for stamping. Do the cuts first, then stamp or otherwise decorate the paper then peel off the cuts...

I used Lovestruck to cut the scalloped hearts and Gypsy Font to cut the scroll hearts for a decorative layer. I can't remember which leaves those are, possibly Lyrical Letters? And the "bag" is Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. I cut 6 hearts for each stem, using a straw for the stems.

I like the black paper better because it was black all the way through, whereas the pink and green are only that color on one side, so when I stuck the pink hearts together, a few of their edges did not meet (my fault for not being a perfectionist that night) and I could see the white. I didn't have that problem with the black. I do also like the fact that the paper is re-positionable.

I found the paper at Joann's. I may buy some but only if I have a coupon. Well I never buy anything without a coupon anyway. :) But the stuff is a little pricey. However, with a coupon and the right project, this stuff could be very useful indeed.

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  1. Oh...just the sweetest little heart flowers Michele...they look simply delish!