Sunday, June 7, 2009


So my favorite local scrapbook store, Scrapaganza, posted on their blog that they have lots of new Thickers. I *HEART* Thickers!!! And of course I shopped their Thickers on friday when I was there for crop. :D

Penny posted on her blog about the Thickers, and mentioned she was an addict with over 80 packages of Thickers. 8) That's a lot! So I counted mine. I only have 28 packages. lol... and several are duplicates as I use certain colors a lot (like the black vinyl sprinkles) and have more than one package of them because I run out of letters a lot. I have been known to cut up or trim the letters to turn them into a different letter... but sometimes you just have to get more Es.

So... I only have 28 packages... I need to get more Thickers!

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