Saturday, January 30, 2010

UPDATE on the Blog Give-away!

Provocraft has officially stated that European Decor will not be released. Oh My Crafts (where I ordered the cartridge) had told me when I asked them about it that they had not officially heard this, but now that CHA is over, I'm guessing they got the official news and have issued me a gift certificate refund on my order of two European Decor cartridges. 

I know that everyone is as disappointed as I am!!! I really looked forward to that cartridge.

But do not fear, there WILL still be a WINNER! 

Tomorrow night I choose the lucky winner, and whoever you are, you and I will work out which cartridge you want from OMC that fits as close as possible to the amount of money I already spent.  So the winner will still get a cartridge they don't already own!

For me, I think I might get Songbird.


  1. Glad you finally got an answer. Too bad though .. it looked like a great cart. Hey Songbird sounds like a great choice ... the font looks fab! Have a great Saturday!And thanks for all your bloggy love .. I appreciate it!

  2. I hadn't heard that they will not be releasing that cart! Songbird does sound like a nice cart!

  3. that sucks! but at least you got an answer!

    hugs :)

  4. Man I was bummed too. It looked like a fun cart. Songbird looks good too. Shame. Thanks for the chance to win though. Have din with your cart.

  5. That's a shame, it looks like a great cart. Plus it's in DS to torment us with it's unavailability lol. Thanks for trying! Enjoy Songbird : ).

  6. You are so generous to still do a give a way...sorry you cant get the cart you really wanted!!!