Sunday, August 15, 2010

A 7 page layout?

Yes, I made a 7 page layout! How could this be a 7 page layout you ask? Let me tell you.

First off, I had a couple hundred pictures of this one event. I sorted down to about 31 photos and 2 postcards, plus an item of memorabilia, journaling and ideas for embellishment. NO WAY could I get all that I wanted onto just 2 pages. So I had this elaborate idea.

Starting with 4 pieces of base cardstock, I planned for the two pages above (page 1 and 2) to be the first pages you see when you come to this layout in my book. These pages are "hinged" with Tim Holtz jumprings on the outside edges to two more pages below them. The 3 brown "hinges" on the sides mark where the rings are. When you open these pages out, there are 4 pages inside then visible, making a total of 6 pages that are now embellished and picturefied. :)

These are the two pages to the left inside (page 3 and 4):

These are the pages to the right inside (page 5 and 6).

The 7th page is on the back of page 4. It is an ariel photo of the campground that I have noted the campground highlights. I don't have a picture of page 7, sorry!

So, I used the 7gypsies Avignon line of papers and chipboard letters. In addition I use my Cricut and the cartridges Storybook (hinges and frame), Blackletter (title and fleur de lis), and Heritage (scroll).

The hinges and frame were cut from chipboard and inked with Vintage Photo Distress ink and then covered with Crackle Accents.
The fleur de lis border on the bottom of pages 1 and 2 were cut from Terrifically Tacky Tape 6"x8" double sided sheet adhesive by ProvoCraft. After cutting the shapes, I removed one side of the adhesive cover and put them down on the pages. After finishing everything else on the pages, I then removed the protective covering on the tops of the fleur de lis and glittered them. Oh man do I love the effect! the cut adhesive shapes are so sharp, not at all like putting down glitter glue. I love it and can see that I will be cutting lots of shapes from these sheets of adhesive and using more glitter. It also seemed less messy than using glue and glitter...

And if you are curious, I am a participant in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) which is an international club for people interested in researching and recreating the Middle Ages.  That's the long way of saying SCA folks like to play dress up and pretend. Similar in some ways to those folks who do Civil War reinactments. The pictures on this layout are from the SCA's largest annual event. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. A 7 page! WOW. I have previously heard of a 4 page spread but never a 7 page spread.

    It looks amazing Michele.

  2. I love the idea! I ALWAYS have WAY more photos of events then can fit on two pages!