Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lorado/Taft Scrapbook Retreat

Since October 2011, I've been going to a scrapbook retreat at a state park in Illinois in the spring and fall. It goes from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and it's the best, funnest, most relaxing crop I've ever been to! I would have to be on my deathbed to not go to the future crops!

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of this year's crop. :)
Here's me, at my scrap table. The view out the window behind me is pretty much what the whole site looks like. :)
a froggy friend outside our scrap room. We also saw turkeys and other wildlife. No bears though. ;)
These are my scrappin' ninjas. :)  We like to go to crops together! We are standing next to the building that was our dorm and our scraproom.
There are several building, and one might be scrapping in one building, and sleeping in another. It all depended on how far you were from the dining hall. Our building was farthest from the dining hall, so our sleeping and scrapping were in the same building. The meals are provided by the Taft staff, and are wonderful!
there were a few scrappy contests, and my friend Katie won best name tag - a crown of course!
Someone made crown cookies with our names on them, one for each person in our scrap room!
Lots of shenanigans went down in our scrap room... and I can't post most of the pictures or I might discover some nasty pranks in my scrap gear... so this is all you get. ;)
I used my iphone to take a panoramic shot of our scrap room. We had 14 ladies in this room total! There were 70+ at the crop.
My sweet hubby schlepped all my stuff in from the car while I watched from the couch.
I slept a total of 2.5 hours Friday night. That was IT for the whole weekend! I pulled an all-nighter on Saturday. I barely made it home... I think the only reason I did make it home is that we all drove home through a storm, and I SWEAR I drove under a funnel cloud on the way... so half my drive was adrenalin and fear keeping me awake!  Next time, if I want to pull an all-nighter, it will be on friday night... I have decided that I need at least 4 hours sleep the night before driving home!

Oh, and did I get anything done? why yes, yes I did. :)  Here's a sneak peek... you'll see more of this stuff in future posts!
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  1. Wow it looks like so much fun.... wish I could have gone. Where in Illinois do you guys go to? I am from Illinois and my daughter still lives there. I might have to sneak in next year!

  2. Sheila, it is a state park next to Oregon IL, that would be so cool to meet you there! the next one is in the beginning of march. :)