Sunday, November 4, 2012

Burlesque le Mustache!

Hello everyone!
So! My hubby and I have been saying to each other for a few years that we wanted to go see a burlesque show put on by a local troupe. But we never got around to it! Then, a good friend of mine joined the troupe and we KNEW we had to go see her first performance! It was so fun! Not raunchy at all, as we never really saw more than you'd see on some commercials! :P  Now, we weren't allowed to take pictures but the owner of the troupe had posted some rehearsal pics and I snatched them off the 'net. :) 

The funny thing was that I had this collection of scrapbook product from Glitz Design French Kiss line. I'd won the ENTIRE collection from a raffle back in March! (the link goes to their site with all the collection). When I'd won it, there was this mini-book set of pages that had the above cover and I knew I'd have to save for when I finally got to go see a burlesque.

So, I made this mini-book with the product from this line that I had in my stash since March. It was perfect for this project. I had lots of pages to work with, so I was even able to leave two pages picture-free for a couple pictures I knew were out there but that I couldn't nab and print.

 The pictures center around my friend whose performance name is Nixie Hex. ;)  Can you believe this beautiful woman is the mother of 7!?

Everything used in this book was from my stash, starting with the product that I won, which included 12x12 papers, the 6x6 paper pad, epoxy stickers, glitzer stickers, giant rhinestones, journaling stickers, layered stickers, ephemera, stamps and title stickers!

 I also used other things from my stash, including ribbons and bling.

 I nabbed some awesome pictures, even if they weren't at the actual show... rehearsal was good enough!

 But I did get some pictures myself after the show! I took one of me with my friend as well as some other mutual friends with her. I centered this mini-book around my friend because I intended to give it to her as a momento of her first burlesque, which I did last friday. :)

In addition to making this book, which used a lot of the collection that I had, I also made the scrapbook layout for my own scrapbook, finishing out the bulk of what I had. I had too many pictures for a 2 page layout, so I had two half pages as well, that went between the pages in my book.

So, another USE MY STASH project... or projects! done!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this mini. Your friend has received a lovely gift from you.

  2. Fabulous work Michele! And people wonder why we hold on to stuff!!! It's for that PERFECT project! And this one fit the bill. Your friend will be thrilled to receive this gift. Your layout is pretty cool too. You've managed to capture a bunch!

  3. I'm going to ask my grandchildren to read it to me in the nursing home.