Sunday, December 16, 2012

Children of the World Swap

On the Cricut Circle message board, one of the members, "RockinRenee" hosted a swap using the Children of the World cartridge.  There were 25 "children" on the cartridge, so as many ladies as were willing volunteered to make the children of their choice to fill all the slots. We each made 25 of the children, and sent them to Renee, who sorted them and sent us back one of each different child!

Naturally, having been a belly dancer, I wanted to make a child from one of the countries from which my favorite dance form originated. ;)

I forgot to take pictures in the early stages of construction, but I found it easiest to work in an assembly line fashion. I inked edges of all the donkey pieces and most of the Arabic girl's pieces first, then assembled.

At the end, after all was assembled, I added the final details with a fine tip gold paint pen, to put the gold "coin" decoration on her hijab and hem of her dress.

Best of all,  I did this project with stuff from my stash!

Would you like to see all the other Children? :)  RockinRenee took some great pictures of each one and posted on her blog: I came, I saw, I created so go check it out!!! They are all AWESOME!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I SO LOVED your child! The inking was and robe were fantastic, but I especially loved how you added the gold pen details. Thank you so much for joining the swap!