Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dad "documented"

I've been thinking of my dad lately.

I had always admired the photos that "big name" scrappers had taken of dads walking with sons, especially from behind. It's like a special moment of intimacy that is so fleeting...

When I saw the opportunity to take this picture of my dad and my son walking together, I am sure I looked ridiculous running for the camera and stalking them like a mamarazzi.  But I had to get this picture.

You see, a month before this was taken, my dad had a brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. This is one of the few times he actually got up from the couch to do anything, as he spent most of his time trying to recover. When I thought to take this picture, the thought "I may never get this chance again" crossed my mind.

I'm glad I got this picture... dad passed away the following July.
Still missing you Dad.

(this is a used my stash page!)

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