Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy New Year! and... Shine

Hello! it's been a while, eh? lol
So Happy New Year and all that. I realized I had a bunch.. a BUNCH of pages I had not posted here. So, here I am to catch up!

I know I've been using stash all year. I've tried to follow a personal rule of not buying any new scrapbook paper unless I'd used up at least 3 lines of printed papers first. I've been really good! So the paper used in this page is new to me, I'd bought it just a few weeks before making this page. But hey, I bought it, then I used it up!

This picture is from a homeschool activity day in which we made candles. I asked my son to let me take a picture of him and one of his candles, and he struck this pose! I messed with the filtering on the photo to get it to look a little more intense. I raided my stash for embellishments, and made the viewmaster disc on my cricut (a file I created on my gypsy) and threw together the page pretty quickly (for me, lol). The title is also cut from my cricut.

May your new year shine with all good things! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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