Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Days of Creativity - Day 11 Circle Meetup!

Ok so I'm out of town, staying with family. I'm also here because it's really close to the location of the Cricut Circle Meet Up in Des Moines. We were supposed to bring a layout of one of our favorite recipes, the dish itself to share, a decorated birthday hat and our Cricut Circle calling cards.

None of which I got done BEFORE I left home.

So I brought my cricut and stuff to dad's house... barely enough stuff to work with. Only to realize THAT MORNING that I did not have any mats for my cricut. NICE JOB MICHELE.  lol...

Fortunately my stepmom was in Des Moines and I called her and she stopped at walmart for me. So there I am, at 1:30 pm and I have to get a layout, a birthday hat and 30 calling cards done before 5pm. Oh and finish making my taco salad. Good thing the recipe was easy.

Well it all got done but it was all substandard work. I was very displeased with myself. Though, the layout wasn't too bad, it would have looked better if the recipe was at least printed on my printer. But oh well.

But hey, Shannon from Provocraft (whose birthday it was) gave us all a free gypsy! I had a blast meeting my fellow Circle members. :)

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