Saturday, March 6, 2010

I got awards!

I'm not a very good blogger. I get so busy between day job, family and trying to find time to scrap that surfing and blogging take a back seat! But people still give me awards I probably don't deserve! 


Those two ladies are seriously creative and crafty, and have been such an inspiration to me. I would probably never have tried some of the things I have with my Gypsy if it weren't for them. Everyone needs to follow the work of those two!!!

Since I'm so late at getting my awards posted and picking the bloggers out that are supposed to receive it from me, I'm probably going to award someone who's already gotten it! Sorry about that but that's the way it is. :)  I'm also bad about leaving comments as I usually only have 15 minutes to surf my whole blog list!
So here are 6 blogs to see and their deserving authors:

Zoe at Ceyda's Scrapbooks - I know Zoe from Scrapbook Dreamer message board and she does beautiful work. Check her out!
Linda at Studio L3 - Lovin her work! I've followed for a little bit now and her stuff is fun and I love the artsy look!
Mel at Through Our Children's Eyes - Mel has been an inspiration to me since I first saw her work. Go see!
Annette at My Paper Trail - I love her projects, they are so cute! Go see that minibook she posted last week!
Janet - She's not to far from me geographically, we even shop at the same LSS, but I have yet to chat with her face to face! She does wonderful work though, so go check her blog out!
Rachel at Happay Scraps - Rachel has been another big inspiration to me, and her challenges at ScrapbookDreamer always take me out of my comfort zone to explore something I haven't tried before. Go check out her work!

Then I got this award:

This award came from Linda at Ladybug Lair and Pam at The Bug Bytes!  Linda is the sweet sweet lady who won my first ever blog candy. Pam is the creative and smart lady who I go to whenever I have a question about my Gypsy. I don't even have to ask her the question, she's always had the answer already posted on her blog or on But you have to go check out her teapot gypsy cut file too, wow!

The only problem is, I don't think I can make a list of 15 blogs to award this to. It took me all afternoon to write this post, between having to give my attention to my son (who is sick for the 50th time this winter) and trying to find someone who had not gotten the award. So I'm going to jump the track and do something different.
If you've never won a blog award, please grab the award (save the picture to your computer and post it on your blog), leave me a comment with your blog url so I can post your beautiful blog on my blog links list. The reason I'm doing it this way (beyond the obvious time saving reason) is that there are a bunch of blogs that I've surfed to through other people's blogs that I haven't had time to add to my links list, and I want to come back to your blogs!  So this way, I get a bunch of new blogs to visit and a bunch of deserving people get an award. :)

The conditions of this award are, apparently, to award it to 15 other blogs and to list 7 things about yourself. Uhg... I guess since I'm cheating on the giving it out part, I should comply with the 7 things... sigh.
1. I was 40 when I had my son, my first and only kid!
2. I'm a retired belly dance teacher.
3. one of my favorite things to do is play dress up. I love costumes! (I have never grown up)
4. I am an armchair "egyptologist".
5. I am also an armchair "astronomer" though it's easier to get out of the house with that one. Unfortunately my telescope has collected dust for years.
6. I want to win the lottery so I can be a snowbird, and live in florida during the winter.
7. I want to go to one of those beaches in Greece where everyone is topless and no one cares what anyone looks like. I heard they exist. lol

ok, I'm done!


  1. Michele, I'm so honored to be given the blog award! Thank you so much! BTW, I love your work!


  2. you just said the sweetest things about me. Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations on your awards Michele and thank you so much for mine.

    You inspire me everyday with your gorgoeus Gypsy and Cricut creations.

  4. Hey, Michele, great list .. got my chuckle for the day! I'd love to go to Greece myslef but want to keep my top on! Anywho, I always love your designs. You have such a rich talent!

  5. least now I have a face to go with a name! LOL!! THANKS soo much! You are just too sweet! So...we really need to get together and crop. I may have to drag my butt up there for a Friday night crop, otherwise for sure at the Favorite things crop!

  6. Congrats well desverved...I loved reading your list...wonderful little tid bits about you...I too long to be a snowbird...LOL!