Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paper Psanky

I love doing psanky (Ukrainian egg decorating) but it's very time consuming and I am still at a beginner level even though I've made several eggs. It's probably the most complicated craft I've ever done. I'm thinking I won't have time this year to do it. But my Yevshan catalog came today and as I browsed it, I thought... can my cricut and I make a paper version?  So, I did. lol...

I used my gypsy to design it. I'm not sure how true to the traditional designs I was able to stay, but I think I came close. If you are interested in learning more about psanky and about the designs and their meanings, try  Here are the cartridges I used:  Accent Essentials (various shape elements), Easter 2010 (egg), George (triangle), Home Accents (half circle border), Life is a Beach (wave border), Wild Card (bird).

The egg is about 6 inches tall, and about 4 inches wide, give or take. After I glued all the peices on, I did some doodling with a white gel pen to add some designs that are typical of psanky. Then, I coated the whole thing in a light coat of Glossy Accents to mimic the shine of varnish that most eggs get coated in. I thought I made a mistake in using a foam brush to apply the Glossy Accents, but it dried okay.

Not sure what I'll do with this... I wish I could find some photos of me and my friends actually doing psanky, but I don't think I have any. I'm sure I'll find a use for this. :)

Edited to add cut files:
Since I don't have time to write a full tutorial, I do want to say that the 2 eggs in the cut file are white (bottom layer, blank egg) and black (2nd layer, has some cuts out). The rest is pieced on top of the black.

Gypsy cut file for Psanky paper egg
Design Studio cut file for Psanky paper egg

Thanks for looking!


  1. So beautiful! I would actually like the file to play with.

  2. absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see the layout that this psanky goes to. Thanks for sharing dear. And yes it please share the file.

  3. this is amazing!!! I can't image how much time it must have taken to design this!!!

    GORGEOUS!!!! I am going to do a little reading on this whole psanky thing- it's looks great!!!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Cutting category today [13 Mar 10:54am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. So cute and thanks for sharing. I love your egg!!

  6. This is beautiful all the detail is amazing and the color combination is so unusual, just beautiful. And look how nice you are providing a file for us!!! Thanks.

  7. Michele, I used to do this, as well, and you are sooooo right:- very time consuming not to mention "hot". We would make our inscribers. (or whatever they're called) and using wax was tricky.

    LOVE the one you designed. And thanks for sharing the cut file(s).

  8. Your egg creation is positively magnificent. I love the design and am very impressed. Thanks for the file -- I will try it!

  9. Wow...this is so cool. Amazing work again Michele.

  10. Egggggstraordinary my friend..this is such a wonderful idea and so beautifully executed....just stunning! I love coming by to visit and breathe in all the inspiration I find her....thanx for being you!

  11. Lovely paper egg. The real ones are called "pysanky" (not "psanky"), and you can find a lot of information by googling the correct name, if you are interested.