Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tumble Dork - layout

Here is the last page for my Scrappinista kit for Scrapaganza. Never mind that missing photo... my printer wasn't printing right, and so I sent the photo to be printed locally only to find out their printer was on the fritz. I have the photo now but this picture was already taken by then. lol!

Anyway, on this one I used the maroon printed side of one of the kit papers. I really wanted to pull some of the blue color from the snow in the photos up into the red, so I used my stamp set and some Zing embossing powder in the color "Water" and embossed a few snowflakes. I like the striking effect. I also used some Imaginisce plastic snowflakes as well, which I really love.

If you are wondering what my son is doing, well he discovered by accident (at first) that if you put a chair on a hill facing uphill and try to sit in it, you will fall backwards. The first time surprised him. After that it became the coolest game around! So he did it over and over and of course mama-razzi had to take pictures of it. :)

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  1. wonderful layout! and great story! oh to be a kid again!!!!