Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iron fences

I've been busy designing with my G. I really enjoyed using the fence on my last heritage layout, thanks to Sandy who inspired me to try it. I've since been looking at fences on the way to work, thinking some of the more interesting ones would be fun to design and use on a layout. Then I looked at the wrought iron fence in front of the building I work in and realized I HAD to design a cut file of an iron fence on my Gypsy!  So I did. 4 of them. I will be using them on layouts soon!

I just wish I could share the cut files! Hopefully PC will get on that soon. If you want to try designing one yourself, I used George for the bars, a fleur de lis from Don Juan (but any fleur de lis will work), that cross like shape is from Blackletter, and the curly corner things I thought were from storybook but now I can't find it.

Oh, and I made the fences so they could be hooked together in case I wanted to extend them across a page. Do I rock, or what!?  LOL

thanks for looking ;)

I think I need to work on matching gates now...


  1. I have been wanting to add the wrought iron to my layouts as well...these are fab....thanx so much for the inspiration!!!!!!

  2. Oh this is so fab.. I love it and very very clever...great job