Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow - it's just WRONG!

Yeah. It snowed today.

And not just any wimpy snow, that you have to really look hard to realize what you thought was a sprinkle is actually frozen, but big poofs of many snowflakes clumped together.

This is Iowa, not canada. We should NOT be getting snow in early october.

And since I don't usually post non-crafty related things on this blog, I will say that I was on my way to the scrapbook store when the snow began and I took this picture when I got there.


  1. I agree!!! Go away snow - go away!!!!

    That scrapbook store looks AMAZING!!!!

  2. I know...That was just so strange. I didn't know if we were to put out pumpkins or christmas trees yesterday!! :)

  3. Snow means the possiblity of a snow I love it...and we don't get enough here in southeast ks...