Saturday, December 11, 2010

Camera strap!

Friday I took a break from scrapbooking to make this present for myself!  I never liked the strap that came with my camera. Wasn't anywhere close to long enough, nor was it comfortable.

Then I happened to see Megan's camera strap, Penny mentioned she'd seen straps for sale on etsy. I went and looked at some of those etsy straps... I just couldn't get past the idea that I could make one for myself, for considerably less!  Don't get me wrong... I'll dish out the money for handmade items, even stuff sewn by someone else in spite of the fact that I can very well sew myself... But seriously, I usually buy sewn things that I'm totally unwilling to make for myself because the item is either way too complicated or too boring for me to make for myself. :)

But a camera strap? Super fast and easy! Well, until I got down to making the part that joins with the narrow strap that I took off the original strap, the part that goes onto the camera. See, my real sewing machine needs to visit a Singer doctor. I can't sew with it. I sewed this strap with a Janome Sew Mini. Except for that leathery part that attaches to the strap that goes on the camera. I had to hand sew that with a glover's needle. I have 3 puncture wounds on my left thumb. But HEY! I have this beautiful camera strap now! It cost me $3.50. I bought the pre-quilted fabric (1/8th of a yard) and the tiny chunk of leathery stuff with coupons from JoAnns so I barely spent anything on it... not counting the blood and cuss words. ;)

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