Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playing with my Imagine

I've had my Imagine since October. :)  I was one of the lucky ones who attended the launch party at CHA in the summer, and got a voucher for a free Imagine from ProvoCraft. I have to admit, it would have been way out of my price range so it's a good thing I got one free, or I'd never have gotten it!

I had done a couple things on the machine to make sure it worked, when I first got it. But I have to also admit that I haven't done much with it since. I can't afford the extra cartridges for it right now, and there's only a couple I would be willing to buy anyway. I'm also leery of the cost of replacing the printer cartridges. However, I had to come up with some to do with it, because I promised to take it to Scrapaganza where I work to demo it.

I discovered a few things while I was playing with it that I wish were different. You can break images out into layers which is cool, but to combine layers, you can only do that in one way, the predetermined initial image. You can't combine just a couple of those layers, which disappointed me. In the finished project above, I wanted a layer that had the birds and banner combined with the "simple joys" title, but you can't combine just 2 layers. 

The image the banner and birds came from had a different background shape and colors, so I went to another image and used it's background instead. The red shape layer is the same as it's original, but the oval layer shape I changed the pattern to go better with the banner words.
I printed and cut all my different layers, and then pop-dotted them all together to make this embellishment. I will probably slap it on a card when I take it to the store for the demo.

If ProvoCraft could add more manipulation functionality to this machine, so that we could combine some of the layers, and even combine layers from different images, this would be a really powerful tool. I'm hoping that they add a lot more manipulation tools to it or to the gypsy so we can do more with these images.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us. I do agree on everything that you said and I also hope they come back with new and better up dates. Thanks