Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lorado Scrappy retreat!

Hello all!  This past weekend I went back to the Lorado Taft Crop located in Oregon IL, at the Lowden State Park.  The Lorado Taft campus in the park is just beautiful! It's so relaxing to be there. No stress! The food is wonderful. Granted, the sleeping arrangements are dorm rooms, but hey, who sleeps at a crop retreat?? ;)

All those lovely scenery pics... wait what's that at the top? that would be the snack table in our cropping room that my friends filled with every sugary treat imaginable... I could have none of it! ugh, lol. ;)

I got lots of scrapbook pages done! You'll be seeing them soon! I will start writing the posts now so they will go up automatically the next several days! Also, there was a name tag contest, and normally I don't do the contests but this time I had an idea, and ran with it. This is what I came up with:

Since I used to teach belly dance I thought this was appropriate. :)  I even made it so her hips would wiggle! I wish I looked as good when I was dancing! LOL!  Oh, and I did win the contest! $25 toward my purchase at the crop store. :)  I used my cricut (Rock Princess) to cut the dancer, but altered the clothing cuts to make her costume.

Come back soon, I will have lots of layouts to share! Thanks for stopping by!

(oh and if you are interested in the crop, contact the owner of this store for more info http://www.etsy.com/shop/itsalwaysfabulous


  1. Fabulous name tag - congrats on your win and it looks like you had an amazing weekend.