Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hi hi.
Here's another layout with the Mamarazzi 2 line made at the Lorado crop earlier this month.

My kid found out from his friend that our local planetarium was having an 'open house' that night, and I told him I wasn't sure we'd go, since I was feeling kind of tired that day. He went off and drew a picture of stars, planets and a telescope and told me "mom! this is how much I want to go!"  How can a mom resist that??? So we went. Of course you can't take pictures inside the planetarium or inside the telescope observatory that we visited (we saw saturn's rings). But there was also a geology museum that I did take pictures in.

I used mostly Mamarazzi 2 stash, but there's also a couple buttons from Charlene's Button Box, and a cricut cut dinosaur bone fossil from Dinosaur Tracks cartridge. I really love the colors of Mamarazzi 2.  I didn't use up all the collection yet, so I hope to finish using it up at the next crop I go to.

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