Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roll Pods

Hello again :)

Here's the last layout I completed with the Prima Craftsman collection and the science fiction convention photos.

These pics are from my favorite room party at the convention. The author guest of honor was David Weber, and his books are some of my favorites. His biggest fan club had a huge presence at the convention, and held the BEST room party on both nights. They created a drink called "missile pods" and a drinking game to go with it. (now you know why it was my favorite! lol)

The embellishment is a manticore, a symbol in the books by the author. Of course, none of the cricut cartridges I own had a manticore on them, nor do I own a cameo.  However, the parts that make up a manticore are a lion body, bat wings and a scorpion tail. So I just used my gypsy to cut out the parts I needed and put them together on the embellishment. I couldn't weld them because I was unable to hide the cuts I didn't want. But it all worked out!

Thanks for coming to see my work!

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