Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2015 layouts catch-up!

90th Birthday

I did not scrapbook as much in 2015 as I have in years past. But I must still catch them up. :) Unfortunately I don't know the order in which I made the pages, so I'll just have to post them.

My son's great grandmother's 90th birthday party. A spritzed doily, punches and a cricut background die-cut are features of this page.

All Boy

I actually don't like titles like this...  I personally think a girl can do exactly the same with the same toys and I don't make assumptions on what kind of toys my kid wants to play with based on gender. He likes some traditionally "girl" stuff too. This page was a pre-designed page when I got it, and I just added a few things to it like the fake "stitching".  Whenever I have a kit that comes with a title like this I've just used it. But that may change as I have so many pages with titles like this. I'm tired of them! lol

Believe in the Magic

This is a kit I purchased from Irene at Little Masterpieces. I love having kits for Yule holiday pictures. This and July 4th I tend to almost always use a kit! lol

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