Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wedding, fishing, festing

Eva's Wedding

Normally banner cuts hang with the points down. I tried something different, with the points up. I liked how it looked.
Along the bottom I put a bunch of dome glue dots and then pressed coordinating beads into the dots. I kind of liked final look of that.


Somewhere I saw a page where she used up packs of thickers that were nearly gone already by making lots of title words on one page. I liked it, and at the time I had lots of older packs of thickers and other alpha stickers that I really wanted to get rid of soon. It wasn't easy figuring out words that would work with the packs... there weren't many vowels left to work with in some of them. I am also rather fond of using the corkboard background paper and the washi tape holding down the photos... gives the whole layout a bulletin board look.

Greek Fest

I can't remember what paper line this is. The prints were too busy on top of each other but if you separate the prints with a mat of cardstock behind them, it pops them out nicely.

I printed the photos as a collage in square by using 5x7 size paper then cutting off the excess white. I really like the resulting 5x5 size, plus, I'm not limited to one picture... yet the layout has a 1 picture feel.

Thanks for taking a look!

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