Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some kid pages

halloween bed

My kiddo was actually not a fan of sleeping in his own bed, so I tried everything to get him into it at night. I had this cheap blanket that I put on it that October, and he said "I have a Halloween bed!"

It didn't work though, lol. He went to bed in it but was not in it come morning.

hi NASA!

A few years ago, NASA did a PR thing where you printed out their sign, put your location on it and took a photo and tagged them. They took all the thousands of photos and made a picture of the earth with them. It was super neat. I'm not sure how much of all that Kevin understood at the time, but he's always seemed to "get" social media in some ways (scary). I love the little light bulb cricut cut.


Several years ago, I participated in a cricut cut trade. I did not have the cricut cartridge that cuts these theater masks, but I had one that cut something that someone else wanted so we traded, she made these for me and I made hers.
Kevin in Jr. Theater.

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