Thursday, March 9, 2017

Curious and Kits

Passionately Curious

Super simple page, loved the colors of this line.
Our public library has summer programs for kids, this one has to do with science. Mentos in the soda bottles. The science part was comparing the soda reactions... which soda shoots the highest geyser?  Turns out it's Root Beer. lol

This is a kit I designed for sale to friends. I don't make a lot of kits, and when I do there's usually only 5 available for purchase. This one featured colored burlap flowers and offering a custom title cut on the cricut for each buyer.

Fun on the 4th

This is a kit I purchased from Little Masterpieces by my friend Irene.
I rarely buy patriotic papers, mostly because I don't have enough photos to use up an entire line of them... it's just easier to buy a page kit and be done with it.

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