Wednesday, March 22, 2017

PSG and Ships

PSG (1)

We go to a festival every year since 2014 so far. This is 2014, our first year. I took a lot of pictures since it was our very first time,  and I wanted to scrap most of them. So this is the first set of pages, starting from packed up, where Kevin had just barely enough room in the back seat. lol

PSG (2)

Here's the second layout from PSG. It includes some cricut cuts I had done long before, and decided to use on the layouts somewhere. We had a great time except for me drinking a little too much one night, and falling. I ended up with a broken wrist, that I didn't find out till we returned home. :(


This ended up be a 4 page layout, though the 4th page is just photos and not so interesting.

The replicas of the Nina and Pinta sometimes stop in Davenport and we just happened to have little to do the day they were there. So we went and took the tour, learned about how the ships were made and how people lived on them in the old days. Most interesting was how these people lived on them now, sailing them all over.

Several cricut cuts too, a ship, the seagull and cloud, the larger bird.

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