Monday, April 7, 2014

A Sparkling 4th

Hey all!

So, after I decided to stop working on wedding layouts, I found myself feeling somewhat burned out (just on the thinking part of scrapping, not on the doing part).  So, I dug through my stash, but I didn't actually have very many kits. I really wanted to work a little mindlessly, just on kits. I did find this kit, one of the very first ones I ever purchased from my friend Irene of Little Masterpieces Kits. I had started making it but had stopped working on it since I didn't have pictures to fill it. You see, Irene specializes in kits with flaps and booklets that allow for LOTS of pictures. This layout opens by lifting the 6x12 sections where "sparkling" and "4th" are, to reveal enough space for another 12 or more pictures! I didn't have any July 4th pictures that could fill this layout.  I had printed some pics from 2013 but went back and printed some more so I could finish this layout. So that meant that some of the pictures on it were less than the best prints but that's ok! It turned out that this layout was perfect. I put all of Kevin's "I'm super cool with my big sparklers" pictures on the front, then inside I put the rest of the pictures of Kevin and my friend Katie's daughters, as well as some fireworks pics. I left a couple photo mats open for journaling.

Thanks for stopping by!

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