Friday, April 11, 2014



So, I mentioned a few posts ago that after I finished working on wedding layouts that I was kind of burned out on thinking up inspiring page designs. I had the strong urge to just work on kits for a bit, so I bought several and they will my next several posts.  This one was designed by my friend Irene of Little Masterpieces kits, and it was the last one and she'd put the last ones of several kits on sale. As usual, she had flappies for adding extra pictures. :)

These pics are Kevin's halloween from 2013. It was rainy and chilly, so instead of walking a neighborhood, we hit 3 of the HyVee stores. They had treats and games and activities, and Kevin was perfectly happy. We also swung by his great-grandma's, and a few houses around her (as the rain paused for a bit), and then last we stopped at grandma's.

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