Sunday, April 13, 2014

Merry Go Round

Hi all!

Here is another kit from my friend Irene of Little Masterpieces Kits, the last of it's kind. This one is unusual in that it does not have any flaps or fold outs for extra photos! So I had to make one myself lol, which is why my finger is in this picture, holding the accordion fold-out of extra pics.

These pictures are from our county fair, 2012. It was the first year that Kevin joined me on many non-kiddie rides! This was a special day for me, as I love rides, and my hubby does not. I've been hoping and hoping my son would enjoy rides as well, and while he's not ready for the really scary ones, that's totally fine as I don't need to ride those that much, I just wanted something more than the carousel or kiddie cars that I can't fit in! lol  This was a fun day.

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