Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gifts - wedding layouts

The last wedding layout that I'll be posting for a while!

These pictures were taken after the honeymoon when we'd gotten home and I set the gifts up on the table to take pictures.

I had been living on my own for years, so when hubby and I moved in together, we really had everything we needed. So in my wedding invites, I included a statement saying that we'd been on our own for a while and needed nothing for our home, so gifts were not necessary. But if people were inclined to give, we were saving up to buy a house.  Hubby's gift to me was a lovely "treasure" chest that I asked for, and we used that as our card box at the wedding. A lot of people gave us cards with money to go toward our house savings. But we received a lot of lovely unique gifts as well. Many friends knew of my love for all things Egyptian, and a few friends got together and bought me the large Egyptian "coffin" which is actually a CD storage unit. I love that thing!!! Another friend gave me a Bastet vase (the blue thing in the pictures).

I had bought some Egypt themed stamps so I used those to stamp some embellishments, and put the title on a tag, which seemed appropriate for the layout. The background die cut is from my cricut.

Oh, and we did buy our house the following May! :)

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