Friday, March 24, 2017


Zoo Day

Pretty sure the title is cut from the cricut cartridge of the same name. LOL  That cute background is also from cricut.

We have had memberships to the zoo for a long time so I started scrapping all the zoo photos. This page has my favorite pic that I've ever taken, of the mountain goats. I love this picture of them.


Another visit to the zoo.  There are going to be a lot of zoo pages coming up. I decided to get ALL zoo pics scrapbooked, and spent several crops just working on those.

yeah, I got sick of scrapbooking zoo. But you know, I mostly got it done. ;)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Skulls, Yule and extra


We made little felt skulls that Halloween inspired by sugar skulls as a homeschool craft. Kevin preferred to color his with markers, and I embroidered one with floss, after I sewed them into a little pillow.

We used them to decorate our little shrine to our loved ones who have passed away. No cricut but I did use a skull button from Charlenes Buttons.


This came as a quick kit that I got for a couple dollars in a garage sale. I threw it together, certain I'd immediately find pictures for it. It's been 2 years, still looking for pictures LOL

I should look through my pro wedding pics... that's all that's left of my wedding to scrap.


Typical holiday layout! lol  The kid opening presents.
The tree is cricut, though I may have glued the cut tree on the cardstock and cut around it so that it would be matted. The flower spray is from a flower swap I did with some ladies.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

PSG and Ships

PSG (1)

We go to a festival every year since 2014 so far. This is 2014, our first year. I took a lot of pictures since it was our very first time,  and I wanted to scrap most of them. So this is the first set of pages, starting from packed up, where Kevin had just barely enough room in the back seat. lol

PSG (2)

Here's the second layout from PSG. It includes some cricut cuts I had done long before, and decided to use on the layouts somewhere. We had a great time except for me drinking a little too much one night, and falling. I ended up with a broken wrist, that I didn't find out till we returned home. :(


This ended up be a 4 page layout, though the 4th page is just photos and not so interesting.

The replicas of the Nina and Pinta sometimes stop in Davenport and we just happened to have little to do the day they were there. So we went and took the tour, learned about how the ships were made and how people lived on them in the old days. Most interesting was how these people lived on them now, sailing them all over.

Several cricut cuts too, a ship, the seagull and cloud, the larger bird.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

game day, library, May Day

Let's Game!

I came home one morning from work to find my guys playing a game of daddy's. It was rather cute of them so I snapped a picture.

I was kind of surprised since it was a game that isn't easy even for adults but Kevin was having fun just being with dad.

Summer at the Library

Our library has some fun summer programs to get kids active in something other than video games during the summer. Crafts, sciences, engineering. We went to many of the activities that summer!

May Day

It's an annual tradition to do a May Pole at my friend's house every May. We dance the may pole, leap the fire, eat a lot of good food, drink and be merry.

I remember that this is Graphic 45 paper line, an unusually bright one. I cut a photo grid from my cricut for all the portrait pics. The goddess holding the earth is also a cricut image.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Bus and kitty


We have a habit of finding kitties on our back porch. About half of them stay with us. My son would NOT allow us to find a home for this kitten, later named Freya. Cricut kitties.

the page is not really crooked... the photo is. lol

Last Day

This is the last day of school of the first year that I drove school bus. We have a big party on the last day, which is an early out day so no point going home between routes. I took lots of pics in that first year and scrapped them. Now I don't even care. lol Bus is from cricut.

Let it Snow

Also bus pics taken that first year. My kid rode on my bus that year since I homeschool and I felt he was too young to stay at home with dad sleeping upstairs. I had a short layover between schools where I could take a pit stop. Kevin was always happy to get off the bus. lol
Page made from a kit my friend Melissa created.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some kid pages

halloween bed

My kiddo was actually not a fan of sleeping in his own bed, so I tried everything to get him into it at night. I had this cheap blanket that I put on it that October, and he said "I have a Halloween bed!"

It didn't work though, lol. He went to bed in it but was not in it come morning.

hi NASA!

A few years ago, NASA did a PR thing where you printed out their sign, put your location on it and took a photo and tagged them. They took all the thousands of photos and made a picture of the earth with them. It was super neat. I'm not sure how much of all that Kevin understood at the time, but he's always seemed to "get" social media in some ways (scary). I love the little light bulb cricut cut.


Several years ago, I participated in a cricut cut trade. I did not have the cricut cartridge that cuts these theater masks, but I had one that cut something that someone else wanted so we traded, she made these for me and I made hers.
Kevin in Jr. Theater.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wedding, fishing, festing

Eva's Wedding

Normally banner cuts hang with the points down. I tried something different, with the points up. I liked how it looked.
Along the bottom I put a bunch of dome glue dots and then pressed coordinating beads into the dots. I kind of liked final look of that.


Somewhere I saw a page where she used up packs of thickers that were nearly gone already by making lots of title words on one page. I liked it, and at the time I had lots of older packs of thickers and other alpha stickers that I really wanted to get rid of soon. It wasn't easy figuring out words that would work with the packs... there weren't many vowels left to work with in some of them. I am also rather fond of using the corkboard background paper and the washi tape holding down the photos... gives the whole layout a bulletin board look.

Greek Fest

I can't remember what paper line this is. The prints were too busy on top of each other but if you separate the prints with a mat of cardstock behind them, it pops them out nicely.

I printed the photos as a collage in square by using 5x7 size paper then cutting off the excess white. I really like the resulting 5x5 size, plus, I'm not limited to one picture... yet the layout has a 1 picture feel.

Thanks for taking a look!